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A Great Story of Safety & Quality

We were delighted to have this forwarded to us from GM. We’re also delighted that our service was so warmly received and more so┬áthat our product kept the occupants safe in a dangerous situation. We wish you a speedy recovery and thank you again for your story.

Falls Chev Team.

Back in September of 2016 I contacted Falls Chev to purchase a 2016 GMC Sierra. The staff at this dealership was absolutely amazing and awesome to deal with. They went above and beyond in every way to make sure to deliver my new truck I had them look for across Ontario. They located one quite some distance away but had no hesitation to secure the truck and bring it to their dealership for me. I took delivery a few days later and have been enjoying every second driving my new truck. I just can’t stop smiling every time I’m behind the wheel.

The factory crew of workers have really out done themselves in every way on building this truck. The fit and finish is second to none, the ride , the power and overall appearance of this new Sierra is a dream come true. My hat truly goes off to you guys at the factory for all your hard work and pride taken to produce this awesome truck. And now I have to really say thank you to all the factory workers and engineering department for what they really and truly have built.

On December 17th I was hit head on as I was in an intersection driving north bound by a vehicle that was driving south bound and made a left turn directly into the front of my Sierra. There was no warning , no indication this driver was going to make this left turn at that exact time. It was devastating to at the last second see this vehicle just head directly towards the front of my truck and have absolutely no time for any type of defense or react in anyway. At the moment of impact all air bags deployed. Between the severity of impact and the deployment of all the air bags I was very dazed and somewhat briefly unconscious. At that very second of impact this is when all the hard work and engineering of GM kicked in. On Star turned off the engine, turned on hazard flashers and slammed the brakes on and stopped my truck. As I was coming to bout 15 seconds later I awoke to hearing a voice over my stereo system asking for me by name. It was ON Star operator.

On star was absolutely amazing the response and compassion in the operators voice really calmed my situation and gave me a definite peace of mind that help was on its way. EMS , the Firefighters and the police that responded to the accident scene all said to me that I should be very thankful that I was in a GM product as what they could see and assess of the accident scene it was the only reason that I was able to walk away from the head on collision. I absolutely and 100% believe this as well. We were banged up and sore but we were able to walk away from the hard impact of a head on collision.

Thank you so much GM , you really came through for me and my family. I am still here and now awaiting another replacement Sierra.

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